Release Notes

1.2.1 (08-10-2021)

quick components

  • Update QCustomPlot to 2.1
  • Various Qt 6 compatiblity changes

file plugins

  • various caqtdm UI compatiblity changes

1.2.0 (21-06-2021)

core libs

quick components

  • BaseWindow and CSComposite propogate the geometry change to their child items.
  • Alias on/offMessage properties to press/releaseMessage and mark them obsolete. This is necessary to be able to read the property in quick designer.
  • Fix the binding loop error of CSTextUpdate implicitHeight.
  • Fix CSText and CSTextUpdate implicitHeight to 16px if fontSizeMode is Text.FixedSize.
  • Fix Stacking.RowColumn of CSChoiceButton. Now it tries to fit buttons in a square GridLayout.
  • Fix parsing of certain malformated MJPEG streams.


  • Add csdq_ prefix to applications.
  • Viewer will quit when the last window closes if not running in server mode.
  • Viewer will not show main window with -noMsg option.

build system

  • Create cmake functions to build libs/plugins/apps.

1.1.0 (01-10-2018)

core libs

  • Add a new type of data engine local. The source scheme is loc://<source>[.{json object}] The trailing json object could be used to configure the data type and value.
  • Refactor file parsing to be plugin based, supporting ADL, EDL, QML and UI files.
  • Refactor utils.cpp to a shared library.

quick components

  • Re-implement UtilsJS.formatString and DynamicAttribute in C++.
  • dynamicAttribute and limits properties can be used in quick designer. The previouse workaround is removed, which means the previous designer generated files should be updated, by replacing "dynamicAttribute_" with "dynamicAttribute.", "limits_" with "limits.".
  • Add custom property editor for CSMJPEGVideo in quick designer.
  • Add font and fontSizeMode properties to CSText and CSTextUpdate for custom font selection.


  • Rename ADLViewer to Viewer since it displays more than just adl files.

1.0.0 (23-03-2018)

  • Fix handling of empty CSData::source to disconnect and reset the data.
  • Save/restore main windows's geometry.
  • Optimise ca data engine to call ca_pend_io every 100ms. It used to call ca_flush_io for every operation.
  • Remove qmake project files and use cmake only.
  • Restructure documents.
  • Restructure and clean up source code.

1.0.0b2 (16-10-2017)

  • Add package creation using CPack.
  • Add macro input prompt to ADLViewer open file dialog.
  • Add an option to draw arrows at the end of an CSPolyline item.

1.0.0b1 (15-09-2017)

  • First public beta release.