IOC-OCTAVE: IOC server with built-in octave core


It is an IOC which has a built-in OCTAVE engine. The EPICS channels, within the IOC-OCTAVE server, can dynamically create OCTAVE variables and use OCTAVE functions. The advantage of using an IOC-OCTAVE server is that the EPICS based control system is enriched with OCTAVE mathematical capabilities. OCTAVE contains well tested algorithms which are used by a large community of scientists. The implementation of the IOC-OCTAVE server was done for PCs running LINUX.


Download the package IOC-OCTAVE250107.tar.gz (332kB).

Example Application

Below is an application which uses the IOC-OCTAVE to perform image processing. The images come straight from a camera connected with a firewire interface to the PC. The EPICS client obtains image parameters and its profile runtime from the IOC-OCTAVE server.

Advanced Photon Source, Swiss Light Source, 2006

Author: Miroslaw Dach   Phone: +41 56 310 4578   Email:   Source: /afs/