This project brings EPICS control system data into QML/QtQuick programming.


The QML module provides a CSData object to model CSDataQuick.Data control system data, and a collection of visual QtQuick items to control/monitor the data. These visual items are ready to be used inside the Qt Quick Designer by a drag-n-drop.

In addition it includes the following programs,

Checkout the documents to get started.


The source repository is on github. The source code tarball is available on the release page.

For users' convenience, ready-to-use binary packages are provided. They are self contained with Qt libraries builtin, together with a stripped down Qt Creator to provide a Drag-n-drop QtQuick designer.

Linux 64bit Windows 64bit macOS 64bit
1.1.0 bundled with

Qt 5.9.6, Qt Creator 4.7

binary tarball exe installer dmg image file
1.0.0 bundled with

Qt 5.9.4, Qt Creator 4.5

binary tarball exe installer dmg image file

Note:On macOS Sierra or later, the app cannot be launched from Finder due to the Gatekeeper path randomization. You could either launch from Terminal by giving the full path, e.g. /Application/CSDataQuick/bin/Viewer.app/Contents/MacOS/Viewer, or lift the limit by running the command , e.g. xattr -r -d com.apple.quarantine /Applications/CSDataQuick/bin/Viewer.app.

Author: Xiaoqiang Wang   Phone: +41 56 310 3380   Email: xiaoqiang.wang@psi.ch   Source: /afs/psi.ch/project/epics/webhosting/software/CSDataQuick/index.php